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B&SOAP Apate Black by B&SOAP
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B&SOAP Apate Black by B&SOAP

  • 130g / 4.6 oz

Item # :  SK_BNS_00102
Price :  $15.99
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B&SOAP introduces APATE BLACK Fresh Wash Off Pack for complete pore care.

Recommended for all ages and genders, abundant vitamin C,E,B, calcium, magnesium, and collagen, easy to use and amazing results, and perfect restoration & moisturizing.
Korean charcoal, kaolin, and Jeju scornia 20% contained to remove and cleanse waste residue, dead skin cells, sebum, and trouble skin.
Kaolin and Jeju scornia will adhere right onto the mores and remove sebum and waste residue completely.
Charcoal will purify pores once more to make skin tone extra clear.
Marin collagen will maintain skin elasticity and blueberry's strong anti-oxidation will suppress skin aging and help skin to stay elastic.
This product is excellent for purifying pores and supplying nutrients to pores, soothing effect, and restores skin moisture.
Remove sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, comedo, facial waste residue, dead skin, enhance skin elasticity, restore skin vitality
Pore purifying effect for deep cleansing for clear pores and supply nutrients and moisture

Containing core ingredients : Real Charcoal from South Korea, Jeju scoria, Kaolin, Sea grape, Marin elastin